About Us


With humble beginnings, novita started off with its first product range, our humidifiers, and has now steadily expanded to include many more innovative products. Capitalizing on our extensive distribution network, excellent customer service and friendly after-sales support, we have progressively improved and grown to reach out and satisfy many customers..

Innovative & Unique Solutions for YOU

At the heart of novita are our core values and our belief in continuation.

Key to our brand name stands our greatest asset, which is our drive for continuous innovation. This coupled with our continuous progression of learning has enabled us to always seek and bring unique solutions to the daily household woes of our customers.

Without a doubt, it is also through the continuous feedback and support that we have established with our customers that novita has honed and developed our products to always improve and ease the lives of our customers.

Meaningful Novita Products

Self-conscious and mindful of the important balance between body, mind and spirit, novita’s products reach out to the day-to-day household woes of our lives and gives us a new meaning and definition of the ideal lifestyle and ease of mind that we all crave.

Moving Ahead Above and Beyond.

To improve oneself, one must not be stagnant and complacent. novita believes in constant and continuous learning. Everyone, from our valued employees, suppliers, retailers and our customers shares a special relationship with us. They are all novita’s mentors and partners in learning.